Crazy For Bargains Review & Giveaway

Your kids want fun sleepwear, and I’ve got the place for you to find it! Check out! They have so many sleepwear options! From Elmo to Batman to Dora the Explorer, they got ’em! They even have sleepwear for adults! If anyone in your family wants to wear it to bed, they probably have it in stock!

Crazy for Bargains sent some slippers for me to try out. I picked out the Himalayan cat slippers because my daughter loves cats and I knew she’d love seeing them on my feet. They are really comfy, warm slippers that I know I’ll be wearing until they fall apart.

They also sent jammies for Maggie. I love this set because it comes with shorts, pants, and a short-sleeved shirt.  They are really cute and I think pretty comfy for her to wear! These pajamas are good, quality made  clothes by Little Me.

Although many of their regular prices are about the same as what you’d find in a brick and mortar store, they also have a large sale section where you’ll find lots of great deals! I found these slippers for $3.99

And so many other great buys! The next time you realize someone in your family needs some new pajamas, make sure you stop at Crazy for Bargains and check their selection first!

They’d like to offer one of my fans a $25 credit to use in their store!  If you go for that sale section, you could end up with a lot of new sleepwear!


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