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BabiLayers would like to give my readers a special 20% off coupon code. Just use code “TNM20″ at checkout. What are BabiLayers you ask?

Whether you’re a brand new mommy or still learning how to perfectly care for your baby the second or third time around, there’s now a product that makes protecting little ones easy, convenient and stylish. BabiLayers is a unique and innovative line of multi-layer, protective tops designed to allow safe contact between infants and adults. When worn over clothing, these tops safeguard babies from germs, allergens and harmful substances that can be found on the skin (lotions, perfumes, etc.), as well as protect your own clothing from messy spills, drool and that always unpredictable spit-up. Made with 100% organic cotton, BabiLayers is ultra-soft, lightweight, and comfortable enough to wear anytime and anywhere, from doing tasks around the home to running errands while on-the-go. There truly is no other product like BabiLayers that matches quality, comfort and offers total peace of mind. After using this product busy moms, caregivers and even dads simply can’t live without it!

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*Please note that I, Thrifty Nifty Mommy, have not personally tried or reviewed this item. I have not been paid for this posting. I am just sharing the coupon code/info for any of my readers who may be interested in this product.* 

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