Warner Bros Valentines Day Giveaway

Happy Early Valentines Day! I’ve got a little giveaway for you to celebrate! Warner Bros. has a line out this year of personalized Valentines Day Gifts. They’ve got Tweety, Superman, The Wizard of Oz, and more! There are 16 different products you can choose from, and each of them can be personalized. Whether you’re looking for something for your spouse, or the little mini sweetheart in your life, I’m sure you’ll find something on there to make them smile!

If I was going to pick something, I’d get the Superman Mug for Thrifty Nifty Daddy because my husband and I collect mugs.

Make Valentine’s Day Special with a Personalized Gift

What would you pick? Let me know, and you just might win it! That’s right, one lucky winner will receive their choice of one of the 16 Valentines Day gifts!

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