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I don’t know of any woman who doesn’t love the smell of candles and the joy of burning them in her home! I think that a great smelling house is very important when we have company over, but also nice to make our home enjoyable just for the 3 of us. I frequently burn candles whether we are having company over or not.

I was sent a few candles from Castine Candles and I must say, I’m loving them!! I told the nice folks at Castine Candles that my favorite scents were seasonal Christmasy scents and spice scents. They sent me some AWESOME candles that have my house smelling like Christmas! The number of different scents they have is amazing. They also have lots of different sizes for you too.  I can guarantee you that you will find numerous ones you’d like to try out!

These are the candles scents I was sent: Mulled Cider, Christmas Wreath, Sleigh Ride, Frosted Cranberry, and Spiced Pumpkin. I honestly can’t even pick a favorite scent. They are all so good!

These candles are proudly made in the state of Maine. I have never had the opportunity to visit Maine myself, but my husband has and he said it was one of his favorite vacations. Here is a little bit of the history about this business:

Family is at the very heart of all we do at Castine Candle. The Thurston family of Unity, Maine are the proud owners of the candle company and know what it means to invest heart and soul into making the most of a small business.  We’d be happy to share more of our story, our product samples, or our most recent wholesale catalog. Castine, Maine is one of the oldest communities in North America.  It has been occupied continuously since the early 1600’s as the site of numerous trading post, forts, missions and permanent settlements of France, Holland, England and colonial America.  Before 1613, and during the course of its long history, Castine has also been home to several nations of Native Americans.

At Castine Candle Company, we are proud to carry the name of a historic Maine community.  We are a wholesale candle company supporting gift shops throughout the eastern coast. Sales through our website will support fundraising for causes and a percentage of all proceeds of sales directly benefit each organization. We are also proud the Maine craftsmanship that goes into each hand-made Candle. We use only the finest fragrances; lead free wicks and the highest quality premium waxes. Candles…as source of light for so many years. Today a scent to fill your home with remembrance of Maine and a reminder of family.

I haven’t gotten to the best part though yet—are you ready for this? They have a line of man candles! I was so intrigued when I heard this and asked for a sample of one of those as well. Little did I realized it would arrive looking like this:

Isn’t that awesome? I think we probably all know at least 1 or 2 bachelors who could use a few of these for their house! The scent is masculine as well– and very pleasant. Oh, and for the ladies, they have “Mainly Martinis” that look like this:


If you are like me, you are so busy right now with trying to get everything together for Christmas. There is always someone on my list that I have no idea what to buy for them. What about you? Why not think of saving yourself some time this year and ordering some candles online from Castine Candles. I am always happy to receive candles as a gift–you can never have too many! Visit them online to see their huge selection!


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