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“A BAMBAM gift is a joy forever” that is their slogan and I think it’s perfect! When I was first contacted by BAMBAM about doing a review of their products, I thought maybe they had the wrong blogger. See, BAMBAM comes to me all the way from the Netherlands! BAMBAM products are currently not sold at any US retailers–but don’t worry, you can still buy them and have them shipped here to you. In fact, my package only took 2 days to arrive!

I was impressed immediately when my BAMBAM pruducts arrived neatly packaged in this beautiful box. It immediately made me think, chic baby.  BAMBAM sent me lots of their products to try out. Here’s what they sent:

Blue Duck Tuttle: The Blue Duck Tuttle is a blanket/stuffed animal friend. It is SO SOFT! On the front, there is a place to write your child’s name and telephone number in case he would get lost. I remember one year, a friend of my sister’s left her precious bunny at a park, hours from home. She was devistated! I’m sure her parents wished  that they had written their phone number on “bunny” somewhere because she cried for days! The tuttle is the perfect size for babies and toddlers to drag around with them.

“Before You Ask, I’m a Girl” Hat: Okay, this is just genius! BAMBAM makes hats that say this (or the same phrase with “boy,”)  for your newborn’s head.  Even though Maggie is 8 months old now, the other day at Walmart I was needing one of these hats. She was wearing pink, PINK and someone kept saying, “he!” Sometimes I just don’t know what people are thinking! This hat is perfect for a newborn baby’s head, and lets the world know their gender without you ever having to open your mouth. They also carry a number of other newborn hats with fun sayings. My favorite is the hat that says, “Don’t Panic I am Organic.” Cute!

Dinner Party/Brunch Bib:  This is a two-sided bib. On one side in pretty silver print it reads, “Dinner Party,” and on the back side, “Brunch.” This bib has an older-style look about it and closes with tie-strings. Now, I know, Velcro is much easier and at this point, I’m still safe using Velcro with Maggie. I used to nanny though, and there comes a time when children learn to rip the bibs that are fastened with Velcro right off–so these tie-string bibs are going to come in handy soon! Plus, it’s just plain cute!

Hotel Slippers: I have never been to a fancy spa. Frankly, it would pain me to spend lots of money on myself that way. If I were to win a spa trip, I’m sure I’d love it–but I just can’t handle handing over that kind of money for pampering. Why do I bring up the spa? Because these slippers look like the kind of slippers a baby spa would hand out to your little one. They are white with silver crowns on them. They are really soft and would look so cute on a baby! They are the perfect post bath accessory!

Towel, “See how I grow”: Speaking of bath time, BAMBAM also sent me their “See how I grow” towel. This towel is marked with the metric system. My husband thought this was fabulous. He hates that we don’t use the metric system more in the US and wishes we would all switch over to it.  It’s a neat tool to be able to lay my daughter out on it and see her grow–which she does way too fast!

“Dancing Feet” Socks: My pair came in pink (you can also get them in baby blue or white) and on the bottom written in non-skid they say “dancing” on one foot, and then “feet!” on the other. The socks are sized 0-3 months, but on a girl as tiny as mine is, I think she would have just grown out of them! They are so, so soft and 100% cotton.

Duck Rattle: This duck rattle is grey, soft cotton fabric. It has, of course, a rattle in it and is really sweet. It’s safe to wash in the washer as well which is great if you have a child like mine who spits up a lot!

Star Teether: Just like the teethers that have been around for ages. This one is in a fun, star shape and can be put in the fridge to chill for baby’s sore gums.

Wooden Tower Pink: I think we’ve all seen the plastic Fisher Price ring stacker. I know Maggie has one herself! This toy is very similar but made of wood and 100x’s cuter! It is also shorter than the Fisher Price stacker. You can purchase one in pink or blue. I love wooden toys for kids, don’t you?

Toothbrush holder: This arrived at the perfect time for us. Now that Maggie is sporting one little tooth, I’ve started brushing her teeth–err–I mean tooth. She didn’t have a toothbrush holder yet, and this one is so cute!

Snowglobe: I saved this one for last because it’s my favorite! This is a beautiful work of art! It was the very first thing I saw on their website and knew I must have! It says, “Dreams Come True.” I think it is beautiful and will be displaying it in Maggie’s room as soon as I get a shelf put up!

When looking at the items that BAMBAM offers, you will no doubt think glamorous, chic, and high quality! The great thing about BAMBAM is that, even though all those 3 things are true, you will not have to pay an outrageous price to purchase them! It’s Hollywood style for the average family!

I only mentioned a small fraction of all that BAMBAM has to offer. You can go to their website at to see everything they make. These items would be a perfect baby shower gift or Christmas present! I hope to see BamBam products in our US stores soon as well! BamBam is going to take the world of baby fashion by storm! Stay updated on what’s happening with them through their BAMBAM Facebook page and tell them I sent you!

Lastly, I should mention that when you first visit their website, most likely you will be seeing a foreign language. Have no fear! At the top right, you can click on “EN” to read everything in English. Also, the prices you will see are in Euros. It is quite easy to find a currency converter to use. I just googled, “euros to dollars” and was able to convert the prices. Prices for the dollar are slightly more than what you see in Euros, but not too much. Have fun shopping, and let me know what you buy!

*This is not a paid post. I only share my honest opinion. Thanks to the company for the complimentary review items.*


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