Clicking My Way to Clean


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lysol Click gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, however all opinions are my own. Last month I shared with you how I started using Lysol's new Click gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner to keep our toilet sparkling clean. Today I'm writing with a follow up post to tell you how it's been working out for us. You probably remember that Lysol Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is discretely applied into ...continue reading

An Avengers Birthday Party!

Avenger's Birthday Party Ideas

My sweet little Jacob is now three years old. To celebrate, we threw him a fun Avengers birthday party with amazing party supplied we received from Party City! Before our guests arrived, we started by decorating the house. We hung an 11ft Avengers Birthday Banner and a taped a 6ft Avengers theme setter on the wall. The theme setter is nice enough that we've moved it to the wall in Jacob's room so he can enjoy it for a little bit longer. He ...continue reading

Kaiku {Convenient, Low Cost, and Hastle Free Money Management}


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kaiku. Most children love to emulate their parents. When I was young, I often played "construction worker" to try and be like my dad. I loved the rare occasions that I could actually go with him to work in the summers. (Dad was the foreman of the company.) He would make double of whatever he was taking for lunch that day and packed mine in a cooler identical to his. I also dressed just like him. Matching ...continue reading

7 Things I Steal From My Kids

At the park 2

I used JOHNSON’S® for my little one and for myself as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore I have a confession to make - and it might come as a surprise to you. Are you ready? Here goes.............there are a number of baby products that I use for myself, on a regular basis. I'm opening up to share them with you today because you might want to try them (for yourself) too....if you haven't ...continue reading

Books To Believe In With Zondervan {Plus THREE chances to WIN with THREE different GIVEAWAYS!!!}

Zondervan cover

If you take a moment to read a little bit about Our Southern Style, I'm sure you'll find it's no secret that my faith and my relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life. I feel so blessed to have this relationship with God as the foundation of all that I am, and all that my family and marriage is built on and also blessed to live in a place where I'm blessed to share how this relationship and my faith has changed my ...continue reading

I love my Nutri Ninja Blender DUO with Auto IQ!

Nutri Ninja

I think that I probably have the worst stocked kitchen in the way of cooking gadgets and utensils than anyone I know!  When we have family dinners even my adult kids are amazed!  I have frequently heard "Mom, don't you have any sharp knives?", or "are these the only measuring spoons that you have?"  It would make food preparation easier if I had proper cooking utensils, so I made the decision to improve.  I purchased new measuring cups and ...continue reading

Give Your Kids A Head Start To Learning With Teach My!

Teach My Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Teach My, Women Owned, and Walmart. All opinions are my own. My kids never attended a public or a private preschool. I hold precious the few short, carefree years they have before they enter kindergarten and it's my philosophy that there's no better teacher in these years that a child's parent. Our children look to us for love, their physical needs, protection, and comfort and it's only natural ...continue reading

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Dog's Birthday

I’m serving my dog Cesar® home delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #CesarHomeDelights Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? We think of Emmy as a member of the family, so her birthday is marked on the calendar like all of the other special days during the year. It just so happens that she had her birthday a few weeks ago and turned the big 10! Here are 4 things we do to make Emmy's birthday a special day for her each ...continue reading

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