Larimar Jewelry {A Wondersome Rarity}


This is a guest post by Daniela from Larimar Jewelry. Larimar Jewelry: A Wondersome Rarity What makes a jewelry captivating? Is it the radiating color, the fine cut, or the smooth contour seen from afar? Is it the superb quality or the extreme rarity? Or maybe it’s the unique origin or the metaphysical flavor? Brew all these facets together and you’ll meet Larimar Jewelry – the blue beauty of the Caribbean Sea. A Timeless Gem Larimar is a ...continue reading

Driver’s Little Helper {Car Seat Safety Made Easy}

Driver's Little Helper

This is a guest post by Bob Steffen, founder and CEO of St. Louis-based Cars-N-Kids, developer of Driver’s Little Helper. Personal Experience and News Stories were Impetus Behind Driver’s Little Helper It always happened when I least expected it, and every time it scared me to death.  I’d be driving in my truck and suddenly my three-year-old son’s hand would swing around and grab my ear or tug on my hair.  From the backseat. He had escaped ...continue reading

Awesome Movie Releases of 2015 — Perfect For Stocking Stuffers!

New DVD Releases

Every year I include 2-3 new movies in the stockings of my family members. They are a great addition to any stocking, don't you think? We love to watch a good movie together in the evening with a big bowl of popcorn! Here are some top movies from 2015 that my kids will be finding in their stockings or under the tree this year. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Three Movie Gift Set) Join Twilight Sparkle and her Canterlot High friends in ...continue reading

This NY Times Advice Columnist Owes Breastfeeding Moms an Apology

Soft focus image of newborn baby breastfeeding

As I was killing some free time yesterday, I happened to click on an advice column from the NY Times online. A father wrote in with a question about his wife breastfeeding their 6 week old baby at a family wedding. Here's what the father asked: And here is the reply he received: The reply starts out great! Yes, mothers are entitled to breastfeed their babies just about everywhere in the US (as they should be) and I'm really glad he ...continue reading

Reading Fun This Holiday Season With Sky Pony Press

Sky Pony Giveaway

It's almost time in "Our Southern House" to pull out all of our Christmas decorations and special Christmas things to begin the Christmas celebration. Each year I always put away our Christmas DVD's and books, and bringing them back out again each year is one of the things that makes them so special. Sky Pony Press has three new publications hot of the press this holiday season, which were sent to me at no cost to facilitate this review, and each ...continue reading

Thank Goodness For Denny’s!


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Denny's. All opinions are my own. The holidays are the busiest time of the year for me. Not only does our family have more activities and events to attend, but it's a busy time for the blog as well. This year I'm also very pregnant (due in early January) so I'm busy trying to prepare for the new little one as well. The truth is that not only do I run out of time to fix dinner every night, there are some ...continue reading

A Parent’s Guide To Paying For College {9 Ways To Pay For College That Won’t Ruin Your Life}

A Parent’s Guide To Paying For College

This is a guest post from Richard Preston, author of A Parent's Guide To Paying For College. 9 Ways To Pay For College That Won’t Ruin Your Life Paying for college can seem like an overwhelming task, both due to complexity and the sheer amount of money you may need to borrow or pay. However, it doesn’t need to ruin your life. In fact, there are some methods we’ll discuss here that could save you up to $100,000 over the course of a 4-year ...continue reading

Celebrate the Holidays with a Little Passports Giveaway!

Little Passports Giveaway

This year, I've teamed up with two of my favorite blogs: Viva Veltoro and Spit Up is the New Black to compile our favorite holiday gift ideas for 2015. We know that the holidays are a really busy time for families, so we spent some time combining our top gift picks into one easy to navigate gift guide. We also know that the holidays can be a strain on the budget, so we're pleased to bring you some great giveaways featuring products that appear in ...continue reading

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