DIY: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Masks

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

We are a family that loves crafting. Maggie is our most diligent crafter, but Jacob and Zellene are always excited to get in on the crafting action. We are also really big into superheroes and it's one of the few things that all of our kids actually agree on. They often throw on their costumes and wrestle with their dad! It seems like nearly a daily thing. We recently learned of an animated superhero that has Maggie pretty excited as it ...continue reading

How We Got Our Picky Eaters Excited About Mealtimes


Growing up my husband and I were both picky eaters.  And really, that's probably putting it lightly. It wasn't really all that surprising to find that our children tend to be picky eaters also, especially Maggie and Jacob. I can fully understand their aversion to vegetables and any meat beyond chicken nuggets, but as a mom, of course I want them to receive all the nutrients they need to thrive. I finally found a way to get them to eat their meals ...continue reading

The Day All My Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Dreams Came True

Mr Rogers Neighborhood

Growing up, our television got about 4-5 channels. My mom refused to get cable, so we were limited to the main networks, including PBS. We watched a lot of PBS children's programming! I grew up loving Wishbone, Arthur, Sesame Street, The Puzzle Place, Barney (don't tell my friends), Zoobilee Zoo, and my all-time favorite, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Now, I loved all of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, but my favorite portion of the show was when ...continue reading

The Horrible Idea From Fox Sports You Have to See to Believe

Logo copyright Fox Sports

Lately I've gotten emails about a number of ideas that I think to myself "this must be a late April Fool's Day joke" (because yes, some companies do send them out every April 1st). But no. They always turn out to be a real thing and I end up scratching my head as to why anyone thought this was a good idea. This newest one takes the cake. Fox Sports Asia has decided to make a podcast where they sing the latest sports news in lullaby form. They ...continue reading

Let’s Get Gardening With RopedOnCedar!

garden 12

For years I longed for the ability to grow my own fruits and vegetables and experience the joy of watching the excitement on my kids faces as they watch the food they helped to plant and water grow and mature. I'm always looking for ways to encourage my kids to put down the electronics and enjoy creation but there are days where living in a townhouse and HOA development makes that a little more difficult than I would like. I know some day, God's ...continue reading

You Know You’re A Daycare Worker When…

You know you work in daycare

You know your a daycare worker when.... You hear kids songs in your sleep, when you're awake, basically ALL the time! You sing a long to those kids songs and they are then inevitably stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You go to pick out new shoes and overlook the shiny heels and move straight to the comfortable yet slightly ugly, gel insole, air soft sneakers!! You say daily that nap time is golden. You secretly know that the ...continue reading

6 Thrifty Ways To Wrap Presents For Free!

Wrap presents for free 2

Every month it feels like I am wrapping at least one present. If not for a holiday then it’s for a birthday, baby shower, graduation, and so on. These occasions seems to pop-up out of nowhere sometimes. Thankfully, I always have a well-stocked supply of wrapping goodies. I thought I would share with you some of my easy and free ways to wrap presents. After all, these occasions happen a lot, so why not save where you can. Here are a few of my ...continue reading

4 Money Saving Vacation Tips

money saving vacation tips

Orin and I are so ecstatic that summer is right around the corner. Well, late spring through early fall is really our favorite time of year. The season brings about all of our favorite things in life. Warm weather, shorts, outdoor adventures, ice cream, and playing at the park with the kids are just a few. However, our absolute favorite is vacation. We don't get away often (four kids!) so we make the most of it when we can! In honor of the ...continue reading

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